They Seek Him Here…

Do you ever get those gut feeling days where getting out of bed doesn’t appeal? That was me this morning, and while it wasn’t horrific in any sense it was busy.

It was also filled with Sod’s Law moments: like having to reset the fuses for the lights when i walked in to work, or having to change libraries to support someone when bank staff didn’t turn up for work, or a colleague telling me she was having such a stressful day that her period had started as soon as I walked through the door – with her eyes doing the flickering dance of someone whose brain is catching up with the words just after they’ve left their mouth and is considering digging a deep hole in the floor.

So we got on with the day, as the only sensible way to move on from the moment, because there was a lot to do.

So, as an antidote to that, here’s the film clip I recorded for Libraries Week on Saturday:

Complicated Monday


There are days that go smoothly and then there are days that progress despite the best efforts of the people we meet. Today was one of those latter days, where no question was uncomplicated, everyone had extra requirements and no one had all the right paperwork. Even the Roll20 group was beset with technical issues until I manually purged the entire chat log for the campaign.

Charleesi started her GCSE exams this week. I can only hope they go more smoothly than my week seems determined to be. I’ll see what state she’s in on Wednesday when I get there to visit.

At least the gaming group was in good cheer, and new tales of battle and banter have been added to our general background buzz of nonsense which is always a good thing. Now I just have to write up two weeks’ worth of sessions. Never mind…