Technical Hitches

We ended up not gaming this evening, but not for the reasons expected. Lady M has had a headache, myr s had a tummy ache, and so we were considering not playing. Then we decided to give it a go anyway.

Our collective pieces of technology decided not to cooperate. We had plugins fail, browsers crash, voice comms break down… so after 20 minutes we threw our hands up and started comparing notes about using Inkarnate and designing homebrew items for the game.

Oh well…


I was just settling to sleep when I realised that I was supposed to have a rescheduled counselling session via Zoom today.

Now, even given I ate a whole bunch of grapes and knocked myself into a diabetic sugar snooze, there’s no sign of a missed call or querying text so I guess my counsellor forgot too – or at least got distracted by something else.

Oops. Ill give them a shout in the morning

And On It Goes

Well, barring some small touches of paint when we look at it in the morning, we’ve finished painting the spare room. Tomorrow should mostly be spent reassembling and reconfiguring it all into something both more useable and less cluttered. In the meantime I’ve also tried rationalising some of the stacks of books in the bathroom so there’s less danger to life if anything falls over.

We were so caught up in sorting the room out that I managed to completely forget that I’d rescheduled my counselling for this evening, which led to a rapid phonecall to apologise and mention I was still covered in paint after I received a text mentioning my lonely coffee.

Still, it’s worth it for how transforming it has been to the room with colours other than plain white now. We’ve again used the Almost Oyster for the roof and used a Gentle Lavender for the walls, both in a silk finish which reflects the light smoothly.

Hopefully there won’t be too much last minute touches needed before we have the flat back in one piece.