Aches and Pains

My back is playing up a bit at the moment – which may or may not be related to stress levels but in either case is irritating and hopefully will be short-lived.

To distract me then I’ve been playing around a bit with video capture on the XBox and how to transfer material to other platforms so I can display them elsewhere. I’ve started with Overwatch clips, purely because the game captures a highlight in any given game so I don’t have to focus on the creative side first while I get used to the interfaces.

Why am I doing it? Just because I haven’t done it before, that’s all. It’s not like I have any kind of game plan here 😉

In other news I heard from someone who recently left the libraries to work elsewhere that certain people we both worked with had always spoken of me in positive terms, which was an unexpected and pleasant boost to morale.

So while I ache slightly, I’ve been helping Lady M with her costume making for Comiccon – largely by holding material and hoops while she pins them, and in cutting out hearts and shields for her to applique to the dress she’s currently slaving over.

In addition, this afternoon I shall be seeing The Charleesi, who has come home for the weekend – so time to see how the newly-minted student is coming along

Now Playing… Overwatch

I suspect that this is a game with which I will come to have a love/hate relationship, based on my first exposure to it. We’ve picked up a second hand copy from someone where Lady M works, and finally installed it this evening, so this is very much a first impressions blog that I can go back to once I’ve got a bit more time logged on it.

The basic setup is simple – two teams of variously classed characters are pitched against each other over a series of objectives in timed matches. There is no real story, merely hints at a wider conflict, but to be fair the game knows that’s not what the competitive players are generally here for. No doubt little nuggets will unfold as I earn levels and unlock bonuses, but my first impressions are of a game that is bright, fast-paced and generally fun. The qualifying statement to that is: if you can get a whole game in without losing your connection to the Blizzard servers. 

The basic tutorial and practice arena are both useful ways to introduce basic mechanics and controls, but the flakiness this evening came when I joined the games played against AI opponents. Out of the three games I played, only one went the whole distance without dropping me out. Now, I’m casual enough in how I play to have enjoyed even the partial games, but I can see the dropped connection situation getting old very quickly, especially with Blizzard’s pedigree in hosting online games.

The one thing that these early games have already shown me is that I really need to go back and try out all these new characters before I play them. I’ve enjoyed the robustness of Soldier76, the fluid strikes of Genji, and had great fun with Widowmaker, but I did feel a small panic each time I picked a new character. I forsee some serious mucking about in the practice arena to see what each can do.

Anyone else playing? What have you found effective in terms of play style or tactics?