Grumpiness and Preoccupation


You may have noticed a bit of a slow down in posting of late, and if I put my hand on my heart it’s been because I’ve not really been feeling too motivated. There’s been an awful lot going on recently, on top of the recent winter bugs, and more than a little of it has been – well, personal and private.

Hang on a minute, I hear you say, aren’t you always writing about life events and emotional moments? Some of it’s pretty good reading, and you’re always going on about writing under your own name as transparency. You’ve talked about some pretty intimate and private things already, so why the sudden coyness?

Well firstly, being human, I reserve the right to change my mind. Secondly, I’ll usually only write about things when I’ve had a chance to work it out in my head first so that you get the edited highlights. Thirdly I’m pretty circumspect about other people’s privacy, and it’s this last area that has been taxing me somewhat. That’s because I have no problem talking about my health, past, sexuality, misdemeanours, plans, triumphs, and oddness – but I’m also wary of betraying confidences or broadcasting other people’s intimacies.

Frankly, there are a few people that I’ve been worried about for a variety of reasons. For some the worries have been health-related, where I have been concerned about serious ongoing conditions worsening. Others have been around work-related issues for people, and then there’s the generalised everyday relationship anxieties that always try to sneak into the mix, no matter how confident and committed you are.

Now, most of these worries are things that are either in hand, or are so out of my sphere of control that it doesn’t matter if I worry or not, but they are all issues being faced by other people that I care about. My coping mechanism has been to do what I can, where I can. Failing that, to distract myself with games and books and the company of people I love. Blogging about it has been fairly far down the agenda.

That said, this little self-referential grumpiness has reminded me that there’s more in life to write about. I have games, reviews, observations and silliness in mind. I also have interest from a number of people in more general articles, so I shall link to any of those projects as they come to fruition. Time to get busy again in the final push to the end of the year…

Promotions and Privacy

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

I’ve had a number of conversations recently with different people about the stresses that come with having a public face that you promote as your brand, and the perception that it is very much a double-edged sword. As a writer, using my own name, I sometimes have to think very hard about what information I parcel out using social media and face to face conversations.

Gosh, it’s just like living in a small town before the invention of the internet isn’t it? So many people seem content to broadcast everything to the world, and to a degree I’m as guilty of that as anyone else when I Like items or Share website links. I suppose it’s easy to feel superior for not consciously over-sharing or ranting at the drop of a hat, but that seems to smack of arrogance or of not having the courage of my convictions.

What has been interesting to observe, since starting my association with Artyfakes, has been the number of extra followers, views and general interest across the board. Some are names I recognise from the chat stream, others are not so obvious; but it’s enough to remind me that my decision to blog and act openly as myself online has consequences as well as opportunities. The conversations I’ve had at least confirm these are not unique to me.

So, as much as I have things to get off my chest, just like everyone else, I think I’ll continue just doing so to those who know me personally, and preferably in person