Rings and Things

Being separated is hard, but we’re doing our best to keep as chipper as possible. The DDC is helping lift our spirits and support all round, but its still no substitute for when we can get our polycule back together.

In theory, we can after relaxation of restrictions were announced, but given how high infections and deaths are – exceeding what they were when we went into lockdown – there’s a wariness of believing the UK government’s competence and motives. In some ways this makes it even harder, but we’ll get through and it’ll be all the better for it when we do.

In the meantime, I finally had delivery of a set of rings that the core triad of myself, Lady M and mre S wanted to adopt to signify our link. We had some issues with a lost shipment and needing to reorder among the chaos of lockdown, but we finally have three simple matching rings that are staying in their boxes until we can all get together. They’re enamelled steel with the polyam symbol etched and painted on them – simple, discrete, and one more reason to hope for better times to come.

I was talking to a colleague yesterday after an LGBTQ+ staff network Teams meeting about the DDC and our gaming group.

On describing the mix of characters and their quirks I was told that it was a group they’d love to read a novel about. I think thats a wonderful tribute to the invention and warmth of the players and their alter egos. My little writeups here barely scratch the surface of what a joy they are to DM and game with.

Sunday Entertainments

So, an interesting day, taken along to a wedding show in Richmond at the Richmond Hill Hotel and kind of glad that the first one I’ve ever been too was rather small, rather than something huge at Olympia or similarly sized industrial-grade event.

Being me, I of course wandered in through the wrong entrance, misfollowed staff directions and ended up getting into the conference room through a fire escape, thus managing to avoid the registration desk and the offers of converted stretch mini-buses and hummers to take me from place to place. Also being me I decided on my traditional sunday attire of black jeans, doc martens and black tshirt with glow in the dark computer power symbol on it as a general test of people’s ability to try and sell me things without their prejudices showing.

First in line were a couple selling some sort of diet sweet apparently based on swiss recipes that looked like opal fruits/starbursts – given that from when I’ve been there most food in switzerland is either made from basic locally sourced ingredients because of the import taxes, or heavily laced with additives and preservatives I wasn’t surprised to hear that as a diabetic I might want to avoid them for the sugar content. Nice people though.

Several photographers were there, most not particularly interested in talking. though we did get chatting to one couple who specialise in the particular reportage style that I was interested in, coming from a news photography background. I was impressed with the quality of the pieces they had to hand, the service offered, and price-wise very reasonable, so they’re on a definite shortlist.

Dresses and makeup artists seemed to make up the majority of stalls – and as we weren’t in the market for them we passed them by, carefully skirting by the various circulating models in a variety of wedding dresses who kept gliding through as an advert for the fashion show taking place elsewhere in the building. It is entirely possible I will never be able to scrub the memory of the fuschia meringue-dress from my brain…

And then we found that rarity, a jeweller who knew her business, was able to juggle people wandering by the cases with more in-depth conversation and have intelligent conversations about cleaning white gold rings and the benefits of palladium vs platinum and all points in-between, while also having a good eye for design without coming across as a voracious velociraptor.

We may have found the ring designs we like.

So – an interesting experience – a room steeped in collective confusion, paranoia and desperation (and that was just the vendors), but some amazing people and artists in the mix as well – and even if not searching for wedding stuff, it was probably worth going just for meeting those people and having a laugh.

Learning a simple way to clean white gold rings without needing a chemistry degree was a nice bonus though.