Another Anniversary?

Wednesday was the fourth anniversary of collaring boy s – in kink terms a form of commitment not unlike marriage – it was just a shame that both of us were too unwell to celebrate much of anything. I was staying over anyway so it was largely a day of napping in between doing the school run and doing some more work on the Amazon store.

We’ve decided instead to try and have a date night in the next week or so once payday has arrived and we’re in better health.

What we do all have to anticipate however is that we’ve got tickets for the Thorpe Park preview day on Saturday thanks to his working there. We’ve not been on any rollercoaster since before the first lockdown. Lady M has had her eye surgery since then too, so this will be the first time on them without glasses or contact lenses.

So, highs and lows and literal rollercoasters to come. Can’t wait.

Two Days In…


Unlike last year, we haven’t been doing a closely regimented plan of Disney parks and activities. Instead its been sort of based around where we’ve reserved or planned meals and we’ve meandered around the parks. It’s the first time Cousin A has been anywhere like it, and between that and our introducing her to rollercoaster it has been a grand adventure.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much she’s embraced it all. We started with Peter Pan’s Flight, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and suddenly she was up for Thunder Mountain. We’ve not looked back since, and so today we went on the Indiana Jones ride, which includes a loop the loop halfway through. The minute we heard laughter behind us, we knew all was well.

We’ve dined well so far too. Lunches have generally been simple burgers and the like, but we ate at the Silver Spur last night, and had character dining at Auberge de Cendrillon this evening. We’ve always loved good food and a bit of theatre with it, so flirting with Suzy and Perla – the mouse seamstresses – and introducing our princesses to the Disney Princesses, made for a gloriously magical evening. Everyone also assumed the cousins were sisters, so the in-joke is now to introduce them as twins. What’s the worst that could happen?

It’s Rollercoaster season again

It may have been sunshine and showers, weather-wise today, but being British, we’ve not let that stop us today from picking up our renewed Merlin passes and throwing ourselves back down some of our favourite roller-coasters at Thorpe Park. It’s been good to get out in the air – even when that air has been whipped with wind and rain – after such a miserable winter. Hard to believe that only a few months ago the Park was being used as a base for emergency vehicles rescuing people from the floods, and people were being put up in the budget hotel attached to it.

Now it’s back to its regular use, and this afternoon we’ve reintroduced ourselves to most of our old favourites. My daughter was heard to quip: “with any luck the rain will drive away the tourists,” when she heard our plans (I’m so proud), and to a degree this was true. We had relatively small queues to deal with, and while we had one ride stop loading while we were waiting, it was only for “essential cleaning” rather than a mechanical breakdown – i.e. someone was sick all over it and they needed to disinfect the ride.

So yeah… after a disappointing day on the job front, this was just the thing to distract me and bring me out of myself. Now for an evening of assorted Marvel film catchups with the girls – Blade and then Iron Man 3 I think…