Winter’s definitely here

I think today’s the first day I’ve really noticed the change in season. I mean, sure, the darker evenings were a bit of a clue, if only because of how dark the library has been when locking up for the night. From being an environment of benign shade, it has become cloaked in deepest night that has made putting on coats more of an adventure than previously expected – enough that by common consensus we’re opting to generally put our coats on before we switch the lights out now.

We’ve also switched over from cool air conditioning to active heating, meaning I’m having to re-evaluate my general work attire. I’d just absent-mindedly started wearing a thin jumper over my shirt, and now I’m thinking I’ll have to stop it just so I’m comfortable in the near-tropical conditions. Well, it’s not quite that bad, but I am noticing that the building is warmer – if only because it’s so bloody cold outside when we leave.

Fortunately, living in a block of flats, heating at home is being boosted by the neighbours above and below us – not enough for me to want to remove the Thorpe Park Nemesis hoodie I’m sheltering in, but enough to take the edge off, especially with Lady M curled up on the sofa with me. Having found C wearing a jumper when I woke her this morning for her riding lesson, we’ve started looking at getting the winter duvets out – and have at least boosted her bedding even if we haven’t actually sorted ours out yet.

If nothing else, looking out at the icy rain today, I probably don’t need to go North of The Wall for hints of the Winter to come. Hopefully the weather will also keep me from being kept awake by fireworks too.

Spring is coming

It might be hard to believe, with snow and Siberian winds thrashing large parts of the country, but I’m quietly positive the season is changing.


We decided to go walkabout today, resisting the urge to hide under the duvet. We’ve not been to Bushy Park for a while, so it seemed as good a time as any.

Bundling ourselves up against the biting wind coming across from the Thames then, we went in from a slightly different angle than usual, so we didn’t get caught up in the hordes of visitors we saw off in the distance.


It was a great contrast to the rushed and crowded week we’ve otherwise dealt with. We were half expecting a wilderness even in the more formal parts in the garden, but instead were pleasantly surprised to find buds on the trees beginning to blossom, and spring bulbs starting to explode with colour.

So, come on Spring, you’re nearly here!