The Great Cosplay Punch-Up

One of the things I am taking encouragement from is that large numbers of my fellow geeks and cosplayers aren’t letting the lockdown get in the way of community, support, or even common sense. There are increasing numbers of videos doing the rounds of showing people’s makeup, or cosplays, and even stuntwork – and so we decided to pick up on it and combine all three. Its by no means a unique challenge – as of the time of writing I know of at least one other group who have released on – but with 46 different cosplayers presenting 51 different costumes, we think this is the biggest one so far. The original facebook post by TJC Cosplays can be found here, but I’ve uploaded a high definition copy here too:

Hope you enjoy, if only for the sight of me getting punched in the face to start it all off.

The full list of cosplayers and their instagram pages is at the end of the video – and here’s a copy to save you scrolling through – go have fun looking these people up as they’re an amazing bunch of people and I’m very proud to have been able to join in on all this together with them:

We’re also planning a follow up with new characters and extra faces, and I’ll post updates and results here as that takes off

Woe, woe, woe your boat…

I stayed over at lady s’ on Sunday, and we rounded out our evening with trying out the worst jokes and puns we could think of. The puns in particular got more and more laboured and tortured, fuelled by YouTube videos playing in the background. Inspired by a brief piece that mentioned the extinction of Moa birds, I piped up with “Moa, Moa, Moa your boat, gently down the stream…” and got covered in the mouthful of drink she’d been swigging at the time. It’s the little sillinesses in our shared weird little humours that I love – even as we have to endure some bloody awful jokes along the way.

By way of contrast, there’s a building I work in that has had ongoing problems with leaks; but today a new wrinkle presented itself and I’m very glad I’m not working there at the moment. A colleague had noticed an odd smell, and discolouration near a wall, and on investigation found that the underfloor heating was flooded. After joking among ourselves that we now had not only a built in spa at the library, but hit and cold running damp, the hysteria was firmly muffled and the engineers called in.

We’ve established it’s nothing as simple as the local river rising – and therefore ruled out that it was a hitherto unknown vampire defence – and now await the reports and recommendations on how best the building can be rescued.

Now Who’s My Wife Banging?

Another Tuesday, another night of mayhem. In this instance, after a lovely fly-by visit from Lady P, we wandered down to The Plough and settled in. It was a lot busier than usual, with several groups of people who had stopped in for meals, and so the number of people who had not encountered the live music there before was correspondingly higher. This always leads to fun and games.

One young lady, much the worse for wear after several glasses of wine, decided to join the musicians at their table to try and chat them up/make requests/sway in a seat, and not take any hints that she was getting in the way or unplugging trailing cables.

With Lady G’s beau trapped in the middle of the musicians with an increasingly bemused expression, we of course took it upon ourselves to take the mickey through the medium of interpretive dance behind her.

So, when the finale arrived: the traditional rendition of ‘Two Packs of Lager and A Packet of Crisps’ – I mean, Duelling Banjos, we were all invited closer. A spirited if less than coordinated bit of flailing around later, with Lady M and Lady G bumping hips regularly, a silence fell.

As the drunken young lady flounced off, Lady M’s voice rang across the room: “If I’ve got bruises in the morning, remind me I’ve been banging Kate.”

As you can imagine, conversations become even more ribald at that point, and we’ve never been ones to back down from innuendo and silliness.

Happy days…

One Sentence Stories

I’ve been writing one sentence stories recently as a combination of block breaking, getting random sentences out of my head, processing of memes, and putting story seeds that I might develop later down on paper.

As it’s a quiet afternoon, here’s a few to shake your head at:

One of the positive aspects of falling out with Anya was suddenly not having to put up with her friends either.

There’s few things quite as disconcerting as walking into a suddenly silent Children’s Library to find a replica of Stonehenge constructed out of the furniture.

The only thing standing between Jake and a new career as a colander was the non-ripe banana in his pocket.

Hell’s Kitchen has a new hero, one who just wants you to cook the f*****g chicken! It’s raw!