Some more Site Updates

Its been a busy week, but somehow not as hectic as some, so I’m taking some time today to throw some more cosplay updates onto the page so I can then update the galleries later. Today I’ve put up two of the lesser-known or obvious characters – the Azkaban Escapee, and a Steampunk King Triton – paradoxically in many ways they’re some of the more complex designs in terms of props and gear.

I’m still not totally sold on the new interface for WordPress, especially in dealing with the more complex page structures that I currently have. I may revisit the Fiction and Roleplay sections to see if they’d benefit from a less complicated arrangement.

Site Update In Progress

I’ve started updating the site, mostly with pictures and commentary around my cosplaying under the name Tango Mike Cosplay. There was already a tag for it on the navigation bar at the top of the page, but I’m in the process of making sub-pages to that, each with a gallery of images to peruse.

This is fun.

Cosplaying Shenanigans

I’ve been shuffling my social media cards a bit recently, which has taken up more time than I anticipated. It will also have a knock-on effect here in the form (eventually) of changes to pages and possibly layouts.

Essentially I have created a separate Facebook page and identity as Tango Mike Cosplay so that my poor family and friends can have a break from all the photos and geekery should they choose.

It also allows me a little distance so that people who may be interested can see the public stuff without being brought into the closer Friends privacy circle. It makes sense in my head.

Now I’ve been at great pains to keep my name associated clearly with my online presence, as much for my own personal accountability and brand, so why the new brand for the cosplay, and why that name?

Well it’s quite simple:┬áTango Mike is of course my initials, keeping the strong link to my name, and the semiotics of a callsign-style identity such as may be used in military, police, or emergency services comms.

Tango Mike Cosplay Photograph by ToneagraphyIt is also deliberate as it ties in to a major project on the cosplay front next year.

I’ve been in conversation with a Halo cosplay group called Fireteam Ascension about creating a cosplay mashup of my gender-bent Harley Quinn with a Spartan Mjolnir suit. The heavy lifting on the design of that still needs to happen, but it will draw on the classic black and red and white livery of the character rather than the cinematic interpretation.

So that should keep me out of trouble

My Private Audience

I have a small number of people who have the option to read the stories I write a little earlier than anyone else. They are at one and the same time my cheerleaders and editorial eyes. 

They quite often manage to capture the more outlandish spelling mistakes and grammatical oddities before the stories hit the wild. This is just as well because most of my writing is currently done on my phone using an app called Journey. 

It’s a journalling app that exports very smoothly to other applications, but like anything on a phone it is rather held to ransom sometimes by the dreaded autocorrect feature.

So, my private audience serves both as somewhere to play with words with people I know and trust, and as a point of checking before publication. I’m beginning to think that they should have a collective name – but perhaps ‘private audience’ works well enough.

They’re amazing people: Ladies M, P, G, Gr, and of course the redoubtable Mre B are your first line of editorial defence against my wildest inaccuracies. You’re all very welcome.

So Far So Good

Well – that’s the Fiction Fragments all sorted, alphabetised and stuck into two sections (A-L and M-Z) for people to have a gander at. It has been an interesting exercise over the last couple of days to juggle them all around, and in some instances correct a few spelling mistakes and grammatical issues. Most of the fragments are very much first drafts, and it shows, but its also been interesting to me to see how my writing has changed, as well as how it hasn’t

There are some longer pieces in there that are very early drafts from longer form stories and the novel – and then there are a lot that are very simply brain blurts that just needed to be recorded somewhere.

The next step is going to be repeating the process for the short pieces that I’ve been writing this year. I’m going to give them a discrete section and separate them out by months – I think – just so that screen estate isn’t swallowed up in huge drop-down lists – but I’ll adjust as we go along.

All in all its been a nice use of what has turned into a quiet weekend of battery recharging for all of us.

A Few Site Updates

I am having a resolutely lazy day today – by which I mean I’m not running around sorting out libraries or travelling to anywhere weirder than normal. Instead, while Lady M plays Assassin’s Creed, I’m going back through this site and organising the Fiction section in the menus above this blog.

I need to do it anyway so that the deluge of new fiction pieces have somewhere to be showcased rather than necessitating a deep trawl through the blog itself, but I’ve got a little side tracked with dragging out all the little fiction fragments I’ve thrown out here over the last five or so years.

So, have a look under the Fiction Fragments section and keep an eye out on the general Fiction tab while I shuffle things around. At the time of writing, I think I’m going to make tabs based on the month of writing for this year’s challenge, but I’ll see how manageable that becomes…

Pausing A Moment

It’s been a busy week, a busy month, and nowhere is that more evident than when I look at the journaling app I’m using on my phone to log the short stories/pieces that I’ve been posting here. 

I haven’t put everything I’ve written online but not through any fear of quality or effort, because I’m largely slamming out first draft pieces or concepts. The whole point of the exercise is to rediscover the joy of writing for its own sake in a variety of styles and topics. As a consequence of that, overthinking the editorial process beyond simple spellchecks and the occasional grammar correction seems counterproductive.

The pieces I haven’t put up have tended to be more personal ones, or dabbling in erotica. Some of them may end up in the eBook I’m planning at the end of the year, but I haven’t fully decided whether to do a bulk collection of stories or a curated and slightly polished set of developments of the pieces here.

Comments, preferences and suggestions on that front are always welcome.

In any case, that’s thirty three pieces and counting. I can’t quite believe it.

And A New Competitor Enters The Ring

The joy of writing and knowing people who write is that half your conversations end up being about writing, which is a peculiarly nerdy joy that should have most of the writers reading this nodding with a rueful grin.

Lady M and Mre B have both signed up to post their occasional thoughts and stories appear here, but now a new competitor has fluttered her eyelids and asked for space to post some of her more factual ruminations. 

The inimitable Lady G has been brave enough to stick her head above the parapet, so being the malicious soul that I am, I’ve called her bluff. Let’s see where this goes shall we?

New Contributions

You may, or may not, have noticed that one of the recent short stories published here was by a different author – Lady M to be precise. Both she and Mre B have accepted the offer of a space for some of their writing, and so they will be posting on no particular schedule in and around the usual mayhem here.

Thank you both for joining the experiment.

Changes Are A-Coming

This site has always been a labour of love – with all the ups and downs that go with that statement. Well shortly I shall be gathering help on that front, with opportunities for Lady M and Mre B to contribute as guest bloggers as the mood, wit and whimsy takes them.

For the most part it’s likely to be extra bits of fiction as we bounce things off each other, but who knows?┬áThis, as they say, could get rather interesting…