Being Sociable


We had friends over last night for a meal, which made for a nice distraction after a busy day. I’ve known K for years, on and off and we’d reconnected through the ex-Lady M and our semi-regular Tuesday nights at the pub. Her partner J plays regularly there in an irregular gathering of musicians so we’ve not really had much of a chance to get to know him, so this was a good opportunity to catch up.

Over a venison sausage and bacon risotto, with plenty of wine, we put the world to rights with the usual mix of politics, gossip, recipe comparisons and the general geekery you might normally expect. The twin pressures of rebuilding a friendship after many years distance, and learning to read someone new kept it all very gentle and this was precisely what was needed.

One comment that did amuse me during the evening was the contention by K that she would consider it a sign of having finally “made it” when she achieved the ‘Lady’ prefix on this blog. The temptation to go into a wind-up and stipulate an outrageous series of conditions for achieving this was pretty fierce. I resisted; it would have been unkind rather than funny.

Still, a great evening, and only a very, very slight head to show for it when Lady P brought Chips over this morning for a long walk over in Bushy Park. Despite growing up in the area, she’d never been before, beyond a family picnic many years ago. As we’d thought it fun to start exploring London again it was a good excuse to get out into the fresh air and sunshine today.

And I’ve just realised that the weekend has another day to go, and the Sunday Hooligans D&D group is coming over tomorrow. Can’t complain…