Dirty Hands, Empty Cupboard

We’re due to reopen for browsing next week so I took advantage of a slow day to tackle the cupboard containing our main electrics board and the gas supply stopcock – as you do. No spiders or accumulations of building debris from renovation work would stay my hand from discarding mouse-nibbled bits of carpet or cleaning off plastic children’s chairs.

As an added bonus to passing the time, it meant I could organise the contents so that it was a) safe b) not blocking access to important things c) improve fire safety and d) put things we needed in easy reach rather than the subject of intensive explorations to uncover.

I’m rather proud of today’s efforts.

A few changes

wpid-wp-1441220252426.jpegYou might have noticed that I’ve retired the old sketch that’s adorned this site since the early days and replaced it with something a bit more generically wallpaper-like. I’ve just upgraded the hosting plan for this site, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for some time, and I’m currently playing with the widgets and settings to spruce the place up a bit.

The big advantage for any visitors to this neck of the woods is that it abolishes the adverts that occasionally crop up at the bottom of my posts and pages. I’ve never liked them there and considered them a necessary evil to support the site until now. I also am wary of the feeding of content onto the site that I haven’t had any control or insight into – if only down to the horror stories of advert affiliation schemes getting co-opted for drive-by malware attacks.

So – all the old content, no ads, and a bit more freedom and storage space for me to develop the site. It’s almost like a spring clean I suppose.