A Wizard Weekend

We seem to have a growing tradition round here of not doing birthdays per se, but more birth weeks. It seems to match everyone’s busy lives and schedules, and is a great excuse for extended celebrations.

This week is my ex-wife’s birthday – the Former Lady M – and we decided to lay on a bit of a surprise for her – namely a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour just outside Watford. She thought we were meeting for a Sunday pub lunch, so the arrival of a few friends at the venue was her first clue that we were up to something.

Particular thanks has to go to the Charleesi, who steadfastly headed off enquiries about where the pub was, or suggestions that they drive themselves to meet us. Only the fact that she was ready before we got to the house raised the slightest suspicion.

In the end we had a lovely wander round. The Former Lady M started off with an attempt to look cool and collected and not at all geeky – but fortunately that didn’t last.

As things always seem to be developed or changed every time we go, there’s usually something new every time. This time there was a special focus on fashions and design in various smaller displays throughout the tour – leading to more than one cosplay-related conversation along the way. They’ve also just opened the Forbidden Forest, complete with weather and lighting effects, and one or two animatronic moments.

Along with the Platform 9 3/4 section, this demonstrates what I hope continues to be a continuing immersive and interactive flavour to the tour’s development. I shall observe future expansions with interest.