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About Last Night

With isolation looming for many of us, a group of us self-confessed geeky queers set up a Discord server last night and started playing Cards Against Humanity. The carnage was livestreamed on the Book of Faces for a while, and … Continue reading

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It’s Nearly the Weekend

I don’t know if it’s the tail end of a bug or something but I seem to be very tired again as a consistent base-level status. Fortunately it’s almost the weekend, and in this instance that’s three days off. I’ve … Continue reading

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Self Care Musings

Between planned leave and taking time to support Lady M as unplanned leave I seem to have ended up with enough down time for my brain to go sideways without a focus. It’s not unlike the scenario of counting spoons … Continue reading

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Supported and Supporting

There’s a couple of friends going through – well let’s call it a high stress situation – at the moment. Not, I hasten to add, with each other, nor are they in any way connected besides their common friendship with … Continue reading

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Little Bright Moments

Among all the oddities and turmoils, something that will always brighten my day is sight or sound of friends having moments of success. There’s something about hearing unalloyed joy in someone’s voice when they talk about a new job despite … Continue reading

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Articles and Powercuts

It’s been a bit of a mixed day, at least for those around me. My day has gone rather well, with articles flying off the presses and some pleasant chats with various people through the day. Others seem not to … Continue reading

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