Additional Gaming Resources for RPGS

I’m doing a lot of setup and preparation for the new D&D group, and part of that has been going back and updating the resource, reference, and inspiration websites to help me when I need to come up with stuff quickly. Sometimes its needing to look the bare bones of something up, and sometimes its needing something to spark when I need an off-the-cuff name or location description.

As the DDC in its current form is not overly combat-orientated, and has a distinct preference for strategy and talking their way into and out of situations, I’m fully expecting to have all sorts of curveballs thrown my way.

Some of the resources are additional image packs that I’ve bought through the Roll20 market – some of them have been creature and character tokens, but the majority have been modular mapping packs – as each average about $4.99 or so I’ve been finding them very good value for money for then designing and customising location maps.

I’ve also been playing around with the following sites:

  • Iron Arachne – – which has a wide selection of what it calls procedural generation tools for tabletop games, and also a list of other sites providing similar tools. Generating cultures, weather, names, heraldry is as simple as clicking a button, or just looking at the results posted on the site as recently generated results.
  • Donjon – – has a huge number of random generators – be they names, adventures, dungeons, or worlds for a wide range of backgrounds and game systems.
  • Eberron Unlimited – – is a developing wiki of rules and information, generators and tables specifically focused on the game world we’re using.
  • D&D Wiki – – another treasure trove of information for quick reference for a number of D&D editions as well as Pathfinder, largely using the SRD kits for those systems.
  • – – browser-based map maker that also has a downloadable desktop app. I’ve used this to map out simple locations and then export them as png or jpg files to upload to Roll20.
  • Dave’s Mapper – – need a quick village or cave system or dungeon mapping out in old-school D&D treasure map style? Give this a look. I’ve used this to quickly throw together at least one location.

Hope the gamers among you – whether players or GMs – find these useful, and I’m always interested to hear of others that people have found easy to use or a little hidden gem…

Have fun!

Sunday Hooligans Group

As I might have mentioned before, I’m running two Dungeons and Dragons groups at the moment – with varying degrees of wanting to pull my own hair out as we get stuck in. The ever-pulchritudinous Lady M has stepped into the breach to try and document the adventures getting started over there in her blog, so pop over and show her some love if you’ve got a spare moment.

We’re basically running through an adaptation of material found in the classic Temple of Elemental Evil series, fused with extra material and the whimsy of my caffeine-addled brain. My personal favourite moment of the last few weeks was the adventurers being so panicked by the sight and sound of a swarm of bats that they preferred to run headlong into a room with an angry giant adder. Of such moments are low level adventuring gold crafted…

More Dungeoneering Incoming

I still haven’t got round to writing up Monday’s game sessions, but the day’s not been without developments on the gaming front. I’ve been having casual conversations with a number of people about running a tabletop D&D game too, and putting some thought into the logistics. Today I followed up on a suggestion originally made by Charleesi, and asked the local coffee house manager if he had any objections to our setting up at one of his tables from time to time, and he has no problem with that at all.

So now I’m just in the process of confirming players, at which point I’ll start setting up shared files for online reference and sending out calendar invitations to start creating characters. I’ll start things off with 3.5 as I’m now feeling confident enough from the Wartorn campaign, and because I’ve not got any 5th edition books and don’t fancy learning all the changes on the fly.

So, we’ll see how that goes.

Testing Roll20

Many, many moons ago – about 1990 or so, I GMed a group that met every week to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. We played through the meat grinder that is The Temple of Elemental Evil, we endured the Slavers series of modules, and ran the gauntlet that was the GDQ supermodule: against the giants, the drow and eventually the Queen of the Demonweb Pits.

Other games.followed, including Cyberpunk 2020, Vampire, Mage, Amber and In Nomine, before life, marriages, careers, children, gender reassignment, military service and the criminal justice system conspired to send us all in widely disparate directions.

Tonight I sat down with one of those hard bitten veterans to test the service provided by the Roll20 website for a return to tabletop gaming…

Ladies and Gentlemen, we may be in business…