There’s This Week Gone?

Not working on Monday has totally thrown my sense of where I am in the week out the window. I’ll get used to it, but the rearrangement of library hours seems to have thrown my planning out. As a result it feels like I’m chasing my own tail a bit.


It doesn’t help that I’m feeling a bit under the weather. There’s a stomach bug doing the rounds, and even my cast iron stomach seems to be twitchy. I’m hoping that it doesn’t develop into anything, especially as I have Rhymetime tomorrow. I somehow doubt that my popularity as a singer will survive my trampling toddlers in an emergency rush to the loo, let alone the alternative!

Still, much to look forward to this weekend. We’ll be at the Wessex Pistols album launch on Friday, and the Charleesi is staying over too, which is always a pleasure. Then I’m in Brighton on Monday for a CILIP Carnegie event, so friends have offered to put me up for the Sunday night so I don’t have to battle commuter traffic.

I suspect I’ll need to cancel the upcoming Monday game, thinking about the timings. That’s a pain, but on the plus side Lady P returns from another con on Monday, so fingers crossed our schedules allow a catch-up. We’ve had a fairly fraught few weeks between us all, but things seem to be settling down again, so definitely looking forward to opening some wine up soon. We may even see her return to the pub on a Tuesday soon: stranger things have been known.

Speaking of which, we’ve just started saying “Tuesdays” as a catch-all response to shenanigans on our nights down The Plough. It saves trying to explain certain jokes and references to cheese and Disney songs to the resident musicians. The respective Ladies M, and Lady G are certainly getting a bit of a hellraising reputation.

Another Night on the Town

Flyer for the Wessex Pistols gig on the 29th May
A Grand Night Out

Well, another working week done, with only a small degree of gnashing of teeth and a general desire to kick customers out the door on a regular basis. Last night was a good end to the regular working week, with a return trip to The Plough and the rowdy delights of the Wessex Pistols. We were joined by the ex-Lady M and Charleesi, but sadly not by Lady P who had managed to injure herself earlier in the day and felt that strong painkillers wouldn’t mix well with the anticipated drunken debauchery.

Instead, we were joined by the ex-Lady M’s brother and his partner, who had come to see the band too, along with their head brewer and members of his band, who know the Wessex players. As much as I suddenly felt that I needed a score card to keep track, these newcomers with D+D were also extremely bemused by the introductions around the table: “this is my ex-husband, my daughter, my exes’ new wife, my brother and his girlfriend.” We then apologised for our concubine’s absence, just to watch their eyes grow wider – totally worth it.

It was, as ever, a loud and raucous night, taking in punk, rock and hillbilly shenanigans, and our new companions were more than willing to play up, forming the first mosh pit of the evening and making us dive to protect our drinks. Charleesi’s expression through the course of the evening ranged from amused to bemused and then through to exhausted as the night drew on. By the time we were into the various endings of “Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now” as the final-ish song of the second set we were all pretty much exhausted from a night of high-octane entertainment.

This morning, I felt like I’d been on the booze all night, despite having remained stone cold sober all evening – I was driving, so my choice of diet coke came to a huge and unpleasant surprise for the drummer when he began stealing drinks as part of the act surrounding “Give Us The Gold” – so there’s the memory of his face to warm my heart as my muscles quietly ache…