Just Cuddle Things

The importance and intimacy of cuddling is something that I can go on about at great length. There’s been research about how it stimulates the release of oxytocin, a hormone that is linked to boosting the immune system, bonding emotionally to others, and just generally feeling good about your place in the universe.

All I know is that a hug feels good, reduces stress, and is a wonderful way to affirm welcome, support, acceptance, and love.

We cuddle a lot in this household – we’re tactile people because it feels good, and sometimes just as a touchstone of “we’re here” – and it’s led to a little ritual here if one of us is getting up before the other where we put a pillow in our place to cuddle.

Without fail, I or Lady M will snuggle into that pillow, even if we’re asleep or just in that shallow almost sleep as we’ve felt the other moving. It is just the cutest thing to see – and that’s the emotional reward for whichever of us just got up: seeing a contented smile and a cuddle as we head out to work.

Best Resistance Ever

Every now and then, while working with the public, I get to see and hear the most wonderful conversations and interactions. It can make or break my days sometimes, but this week I heard something that has continued to put a smile on my face every time I’m reminded of it.

We have a homework club that meets in one of the libraries each week, and it is well attended with a lively bustle and hum that always makes me smile. This week I saw the father of a couple of the children lead his youngest daughter from the room that we hire to them.

His daughter was maybe four or five, so it was likely an older sibling using the club, and as they walked out of the room he was quietly admonishing her. “Be quiet! This is a library! No noise!”

“Noise!” Said a small but determined little voice.

“No noise!” He said again, leading her towards the children’s library area.

“Noise!” Came the quiet but clear response.

“No noise!” Came the slightly annoyed admonishment.

“Noise!” This time with a definite note of glee.

The call and response could be heard all round the library as we all tried to stifle grins. This is the sort of intelligent rebellion that tickles library staff. I instructed my colleagues to give her a sticker if she was still doing it when they came back…