On Holiday

I’ve been looking forward to a break, and as of this evening I’m at the very least not going to work for a few days. I have the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, and not be expected to be reachable for work.

The work phone is switched off, plates metaphorically set spinning, and weight well and truly off the shoulders.

Shenanigans are planned

A Day Off

I’ve found of late, especially with trying to keep a balance between library and writing work, that I’ve adopted a strained attitude towards downtime. I actually feel guilty for taking time off to just goof around. Even worse, if I have a non-productive day where I’ve been intending to work, I will beat myself up over it – and at times when I’m feeling low, this just pushes me further down the spiral.

So today I made a conscious decision to do nothing. My conscious decision was that achieving nothing would actually be a measure of success. The only things I would do would be putting out the laundry, doing the washing up and getting some groceries. Instead, after a bit of a lie in, I have played some Assassins Creed: Unity, read most of a book and finished off a scene from the novel that I’ve been stalled on for a few weeks. Alright, technically this last element is work, but it arose spontaneously, inspired by a major plot twist that I came up with a couple of weeks ago, so it really was writing for pleasure.

Tomorrow, I have a number of things that I’ve set myself as goals to force my getting out of bed. At least one of those is writing up Monday’s game session…