Birthday Discordance


It was Lady P’s birthday today, so we had to indulge a family tradition and phone her at a very early hour to sing Happy Birthday as badly as possible to her voicemail. She’d popped round briefly the night before to have a chin wag, so we’d taken the opportunity to give her a card and her present, a beautifully striking pair of ear cuffs sourced from our great friends at Ollie Noble. The back of one of them is shown here. They’ll apparently be worn at her party on Saturday night, so I’ll try and remember to get a shot of them in action then.

The rest of my day was fairly routine, though we were upset to hear that one of Lady M’s relatives had been laid to rest today without our being told when or where the funeral service was going to be. We’ll make our own way up to pay respects now, but the assumption that we wouldn’t be able, or intend to be there is painful. Deep breaths and a reminder that the assumption likely comes from knowing how hard Lady M works and the distances involved in attending. This is the positive interpretation.

On a more engaging note, I was also modding for this evening’s Artyfakes stream, and a lively time was had by all. The events of #tabbygate shall not be things of which we speak. Many new #MadeUpModFacts were revealed, and some of the audience joined in with #MadeUpFanFacts, so nobody felt left out.

Lady M is still recovering from her infection, but seems in reasonable spirits otherwise. Hopefully she’ll be back in action soon.

Modern Welsh Love Spoons

My parents are from South Wales, born and bred; and occasionally that background slips past their facade of retired professional couple in unexpected ways.

Between Christmas and New Year, we made a lightning visit up to see them and drop off presents. Before we left, my mother presented us with these spoons:

Metal Love Spoons
A modern take on Lovespoons?

and it knocked loose a memory of the old carved wooden spoons we’d see at their parents’ homes and that are now tucked in display cabinets.

These Welsh lovespoons were a symbol of affection, made as part of the courting process.

A young man would carve one and give it to someone he was interested in. If she was interested, she would accept it, and some believe this is the origin of the word ‘spooning’ to mark a couple who were together.

An interesting site to check out with more information can be found at and they also sell examples. (Note: I’ve no links with them and only found them as a Web search so I can’t speak from personal recommendation.)

Seeing the wire-bound spoons with their decorations certainly speaks to me of their being inspired from somewhere along the same tradition, even if that wasn’t foremost in the mind of whoever made them. I am sure though that it was in my parents’ minds when they bought them for us as a gift, and as such I’ll be finding somewhere safe for them to live.