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Wait, where’s November going?

I swear sometimes it’s like I blink and I’ve time travelled, or fallen through a crack in the space-time continuum, and it’s suddenly halfway through the month. Admittedly we spent the week after MCM London largely recuperating and sleeping – … Continue reading

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Okay, back in the room

The Inktober posts are resuming now that illness is rebuffed and we’ve survived the madness that was MCM Comiccon this weekend Speaking of the Convention, it was huge fun, somehow aptly summed up by the image above – a great … Continue reading

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There’s This Week Gone?

Not working on Monday has totally thrown my sense of where I am in the week out the window. I’ll get used to it, but the rearrangement of library hours seems to have thrown my planning out. As a result … Continue reading

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Weekend Runabout

Oh, we had so many plans for this weekend just gone, but reality continued throw spanners into the works with gleeful abandon. We’ve changed the weekends that we’ll have Charleesi in visitation so we were all hyped to hit the … Continue reading

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I’m Tired

There’s a bone deep lethargy making everything just that little bit too difficult right now, and it is mostly a result of travel and grief. (It was my Grandfather’s funeral on Monday.) As a result I’ve not been blogging, writing, … Continue reading

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Slowly getting back up to speed

Its been an interesting experience being generally disconnected from online life the last couple of weeks. I’ve been using my Frankenstein’s Desktop machine as a stand-in, hence the occasional spotty activity online, but given that it is at least six … Continue reading

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Technology Refresh Time

Well, I’m still waiting on the delivery of a replacement laptop but at least the new phone is here and working – so I’m busy configuring it and learning all the little differences between the new phone and the old … Continue reading

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