A Nephew Weekend

Lady M’s nephew stayed over this weekend, bringing a slightly serious and logical air to proceedings as only he can with his innocent directness that can make him sound like an old man in a young body.

I had to work on Saturday, so Lady M took him out to the Brooklands Museum. A history of engineering and cars captivated him, and when I got home I was regaled with tales of simulators and volunteer engineers closely quizzed on what they were doing. We then watched films and played games for the rest of the afternoon.

He was picked up to go home this afternoon, still grinning and telling everyone about the things he’d seen, so a success I guess.

Unexpected Visits

Last Friday, Lady M had to go to Germany for the day. As you do. And as it was my day off, I agreed to drop her at Heathrow and pick her up again in the evening to spare her some hassle at this end of the journey.

“Ooh,” says Lady S, “do you fancy coming down for the day then to meet the family?” I hasten to add that this wasn’t actually on the day itself, but a few days prior.

“Why not?” I said, so mentioned to Lady M that I’d drop down to Portsmouth and be back in plenty of time. So far, so normal.

Then work started getting a bit hectic and stressy for Lady M, so the day before she was due to fly out and back, Lady S suggested she come back with me so we could be friendly faces to welcome her back.

I thought this was a great idea. The look of joy on Lady M’s face when I told her we’d be getting Lady S staying for an unplanned weekend lit up the room and confirmed that this was indeed a popular move. So, duly buouyed by the knowledge her girlfriend would be waiting for her return, Lady M hopped on her plane, and I discovered the joy of navigating into Portsmouth and not ending up on a ferry by mistake.

Lady S’ family is a wonderfully sardonic and laconic bunch. Her dogs are daft as you might expect, and even the cat tolerated me. Her fiancee was nervous of meeting me; but after I bought lunch and we started comparing pet and customer stories we seemed to click and there was even a degree of relaxation.

Once her father realised I understood both coding and game level design principles, gave me a great rundown on the physics engine tweaking he’s doing on GameGuru. As for Lady S’ son – well he seems to have taken a shine to me, or at least a desire to show off his favourite games and nestle up for hugs, much to his mother’s bemusement.

As for the weekend itself, well I was working on Saturday, and Lady M was focused on finishing a costume for this weekend’s CosXPO convention so aside from a trip into Kingston we largely took it easy and just enjoyed each other’s company.

And then we mentioned that Lady S also has tickets for CosXPO, so would be there, health permitting. That did make Lady M grin even more.