Return of the One-Shot

For those who haven’t seen the streamed games, here’s the story so far:

The rural township of Gobblett lies in the shadows of the mountainous borders of Droaam – a nation of monsters that in this small corner consists largely of goblins.

The characters in this standalone adventure are all from the township, having ventured out into the world in search of riches. They have returned for the midwinter feast and a hefty portion of the first session was spent establishing their links with the villagers and some of the notable inhabitants.

Then a lone shepherd appeared on the main green, pursued by elves wearing the insignia of the fanatics known as the Silver Flame. The adventurers leapt to defend the village and drove off the elves. The badly injured shepherd warned of a force of the fanatics approaching with the goal of stealing away the village’s children to raise them within the church’s workhouses.

The players had roughly 36 hours to prepare for the invaders.

That was last week. This week’s session saw the raising of lengths of crude palisades and ambush points prepared. The artillerist assembled an eldritch cannon with a view of the main green, while the village families retreated to the Chief’s rambling mansion and barricaded the doors and windows.

Blue-green skinned goblin with green dreadlocks clutching a rifle. She wears white clothing and steampunk styled accessories

The totally unsporting mercenaries that comprised the main assault arrived by flying boat – two skiffs each containing five warriors accompanied by a berserker, and the mercenary captain in addition in one of the boats. A direct hit by spells forced one of the boats to crash just inside the palisade while the other stayed aloft so that the troops could fire from above.

While the battle raged largely across the green and nearby alleys, there was a sudden screech from above, and a large green winged lizard flew across the rooftops. A figure on the dragon’s back cut cords on sacking, releasing dozens of small packages across the township before the dragon flew off.

The adventurers focused on defeating the mercenaries, and as the session ended noticed that the brightly wrapped presents had been moving slowly toward the mansion and surrounding buildings. Some had already made their ways down chimneys and through windows, and now there were sounds of disturbance.

And to top it all off, the dragon could be heard screaming in the distance…

So, no pressure for next week.

Bit Windy Out There

So we’re quite lucky in that the worst of the high winds seem to have passed us by – but it is still strong enough out there to be slapping at my beard as it gusts. Unlike some friends we’ve not had electrical disruption locally, and having no garden we’ve not had to chase after any lawn furniture or escaping trampolines.

We’ve got off lightly really. Even so, my first thought when none of our computer systems fired up this morning I did wonder if it could somehow be blamed on the weather.

Even so life goes on. In total defiance of the weather, a local school duly sent a class of young children round to see us, wrapped head to toe in thick jackets and warm hats and hoods. Cue one session if the history of libraries, how to treat your books, how to use the library, and a game where we arranged the children in alphabetical order – as you do.

Considering we had no working systems to demonstrate it all went rather well. Now to batten down the hatches before the next storm arrives. It must be winter or something.

Winter’s definitely here

I think today’s the first day I’ve really noticed the change in season. I mean, sure, the darker evenings were a bit of a clue, if only because of how dark the library has been when locking up for the night. From being an environment of benign shade, it has become cloaked in deepest night that has made putting on coats more of an adventure than previously expected – enough that by common consensus we’re opting to generally put our coats on before we switch the lights out now.

We’ve also switched over from cool air conditioning to active heating, meaning I’m having to re-evaluate my general work attire. I’d just absent-mindedly started wearing a thin jumper over my shirt, and now I’m thinking I’ll have to stop it just so I’m comfortable in the near-tropical conditions. Well, it’s not quite that bad, but I am noticing that the building is warmer – if only because it’s so bloody cold outside when we leave.

Fortunately, living in a block of flats, heating at home is being boosted by the neighbours above and below us – not enough for me to want to remove the Thorpe Park Nemesis hoodie I’m sheltering in, but enough to take the edge off, especially with Lady M curled up on the sofa with me. Having found C wearing a jumper when I woke her this morning for her riding lesson, we’ve started looking at getting the winter duvets out – and have at least boosted her bedding even if we haven’t actually sorted ours out yet.

If nothing else, looking out at the icy rain today, I probably don’t need to go North of The Wall for hints of the Winter to come. Hopefully the weather will also keep me from being kept awake by fireworks too.