Pirates of the Thunder Sea

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The new phase of our Monday group started today, steering their newly acquired ship back home and basically stumbling into as many pirate cliches as I could whip up. We’re playing this game a lot more seat of the pants, so finding the tone is a bit hit and miss. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to fit undead fish-men attacking the ship while moored near a beach in, and have a brace of anecdotes to relay during the proper write-up.

I also seem to have let myself get talked into helping moderate a live stream for someone on an ongoing basis, so need to work my logistics out for that this week. Should be fun.

Work was one of those long slogs, complete with a camera crew shooting a piece for ITV News in the library while I continued to teach people basic computer skills. It feels like its been a long day, but my mood is actually noticeably lighter today. This is probably from actually having some nice customers in, and the continued presence of the Charleesi (even if she’s taken to actively snarling when we sing “Everything Is Awesome!” at her.)

In other geekery news, I’m downloading Neverwinter on the XBox One – well, it’s free and I’ve fond memories of the original games, so we’ll see how it plays when it goes live.

Another long day tomorrow, but a later start, so I can’t complain. Word of the day? “Supportive”

30 Days, 30 Words


I mentioned last month that one of the presents I received for my birthday was a ‘day a word’ journal. My daughter, the Charleesi, challenged me to only write positive words in it to sum up each day. So far, I’ve been able to do that, despite some less than positive days. I’m pretty pleased with that, but I’ll admit that I haven’t remembered to necessarily write the word of the day actually on the day – there have been a few occasions where I’ve had to backtrack and do a few days at a time.

So, what are the first 30 words in the journal?

Indulgent, Contented, Meandering, Thoughtful, Rollercoaster, Snuggly, Productive, Cosplaytastic, Hopeful, Drunken, Muted, Educational, Managerial, Relaxed, Literary, Charitable, Breezy, Sociable, Challenging, Loud, Chatty, Resurgent, Distracted, Reactive, Agitated, Sniffly, Stuffy, Caffeinated, Anticipatory, Methodical.

Only one made-up word in there so far. I may have to get more creative as the year moves on, as I’m determined not to repeat any of the words either.