Wrapping Presents

There’s one disadvantage to our tactics of buying things through the year to space out the cost and stress of Christmas – and that’s all the wrapping.

That’s what I’ve mostly been doing the last couple of days, and I’ve lost track of how many rolls of paper I’ve gone through. At least the card inside the rolls will end up integrated into props down the line – and most of the paper is recyclable.

In theory I could wrap things as I go, but there is something therapeutic about wrapping presents in large numbers that I enjoy. I am reaching the point soon where I will have to reorganize what is stacked under the tree though.

In the meantime I’m having an early night so that my back can stop complaining about being hunched over the table. A day back at work should sort that all out. I did leave instructions for the Saturday staff to have fun with the Christmas decorations, so I’ll be seeing what they did soon.

Wrapping It All Up

As night follows day, the purchasing of Christmas presents somewhat necessitates their wrapping. So guess who got that job while Lady M disappeared on a work jolly to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play?

Well it certainly wasn’t going to be left to the House Elves, so that’s how I’ve ended up covered in glitter and with the taste of sellotape in my mouth. 

The challenge of wrapping the more interesting shapes is one that sometimes is a wonderful challenge; but not when it’s nearly every package in the room. Nevertheless, I have risen to the challenge.

I haven’t done every present, but I have managed to get everything done for the people I expect to see at my brother’s Douze event. So far so good anyway. Now it feels like Christmas!