Tango Mike Cosplay

The last year or so I’ve been attending Conventions as Tango Mike Cosplay, and largely documenting it all on two social media sites. I’m also going to start archiving material here  – because why not?

So far this year I’ve been to CosXPO in April, MCM London in May, Portsmouth Comic Con also in May, and Port Solent Comic Con in June – this last one as a guest as part of the Squad UK group. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to attend each of the events this year with one or more of my partners – Mothermafia Cosplay and Jet_Fireside – and we’ve created a collective Instagram page under the name Lonely Goats Cosplay (a small Black Sails injoke)


The remaining planned Conventions for this year (so far) are LFCC at the end of July, Alton Comic Con (again with Squad UK) in August, and MCM London in October.

My costumes have ranged this year from Karnak of the Inhumans, Captain Jack Rackham from Black Sails, and a couple of variants on my gender-bent Harley Quin – including a steampunk version that may evolve into a Sean of the (Steampunk) Dead at some point. My latest current project is a version of Captain Boomerang as a hybrid between the comic book and screen versions – and I hope to assemble a Booster Gold costume this year as well.

Also on the backburner is a Halo crossover costume I’m calling Halo Quinn, but there’s still a lot of detailing and refinement to go on that.

Photo on the page is by Unmadesugar Cosplay Photography, of the three of us, taken at May MCM London as Anne Bonny, Max, and Jack Rackham from Black Sails