Tango Mike Cosplay

The last year or so I’ve been attending Conventions as Tango Mike Cosplay, and largely documenting it all on Instagram and Facebook. I’m also going to start archiving material here – because why not?

I’d cosplayed a couple of times, but only really started to do so consistently to attend Cons with friends and partners. Looking around online we started talking with a couple of groups such as UKCC and Squad UK. We were particularly drawn to them due to their strong family-friendly and anti-bullying bias, and getting to meet them felt like being adopted into a pre-existing family. It has made all the difference in building my confidence to attend different conventions as various characters.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to attend each of the events this last year or so with one or more of my partners – Mothermafia Cosplay ( Lady M) and Jet_Fireside (Lady S) – and we’ve created a collective Instagram page under the name Lonely Goats Cosplay (a small Black Sails in-joke). If you see us around, come say hello.


We usually try to get to the London MCM Comiccons, and LFCC if possible – as well as attending Portsmouth, CosXPO, Alton and St Albans in the last year.

It has certainly got me thinking in new and interesting ways to challenge myself as I assemble constumes from a mix of bought items, constructed props, and clothing made or adjusted by Lady M. I started off with a gender-bent Harley Quinn that has rapidly evolved a number of iterations, before branching out into Karnak of the Inhumans, Captain Jack Rackham from Black Sails, and a version of Captain Boomerang that references both film and comicbook looks. This year I have also appeared as Obadiah Stane, based off the villain’s appearance in the first Iron Man film, and a very casual version of Booster Gold, longtime partner of Blue Beetle and protector of the timelines.

Also on the backburner is a Halo crossover costume I’m calling Halo Quinn, but there’s still a lot of detailing and refinement to go on that, and I’m still not sure how I’m going to do it.

Photo on this page is by Unmadesugar Cosplay Photography, of the three of us, taken at May MCM London 2018 as Anne Bonny, Max, and Jack Rackham from Black Sails.

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