Booster Gold

Booster is the greatest hero that no one ever heard of. He’s either dismissed as a freeloading narcissist, or mistaken for a Lantern of some description. Originally from the future, a museum guard who wanted to make his fortune with the aid of stolen historical archives in the Heroic Age, he has since grown and developed into a protector of the DC Universe timeline. Since he has to keep dipping back and forth through his own timeline to protect reality however, he still has to project the old image that everyone has of him.

This is a casual, slightly time-lost version of Booster Gold thrown together with a couple of props and items recycled from my wardrobes. Very few people recognised me as me until I started talking, but I did get people recognising the cosplay which was extremely gratifying. I’m planning to refine this character, but am still working out how best to do so.

Photos are either from selfies, or by Gothic Panda Photography