Captain Boomerang

Ah, currently one of my favourite cosplays, the not-so-good Captain became a more mainstream character with the film release of Suicide Squad, though he had long been known to me as part of the Flash’s Rogues, and indeed of the comicbook Suicide Squad since at least the nineties.

In all his incarnations he’s been a blowhard and scoundrel rather than any kind of top tier world-threatening villain, but he has tangled at one point or another with most of the heroes of the DC universe. As his name more than suggests, his favoured weapons are sharpened boomerangs. Unlike his Marvel counterpart he hasn’t used gimmick boomerangs in any way, but for a number of years was used as comic relief in his appearances.

My interpretation of him borrows from both screen and comics – he has a beanie and long coat and the film-style boomerangs, but also wears a long coat and scarf – and borrowing from my own body shape is not necessarily a classically superheroic build. He’s fun, a license to play the fool and pull funny faces and play with makeup to make it look like someone’s been tapdancing on my face