Harley (Harvey) Quinn

This evolving bundle of silliness was part of my and Lady M’s launch into “doing cosplay properly” – dressing up as a counterpart to her Poison Ivy costume in the form of a gender-bent or gender-flipped Harley Quinn. The waistcoat was handmade by Lady M, and the various props have been accumulated and decorated by myself as we’ve gone along.

The core of the costume reflects the traditional black and red and white colours of the Animated Series where Harley Quinn first appeared. The white shirt is a nod to the neckpiece. I didn’t have the resources to make a traditional mallet – so went instead with a foam baseball bat as a nod to the Suicide Squad film. Over time, the costume has evolved into a more steampunk look, and as I’ve grown more of a beard has taken on perhaps a more professorial look and bearing.

In any case its a character I love playing for its whimsy and license to be silly with any number of DC Comics inspired cosplayers at conventions. The simple colours are widely recognised while flipping the gender allows me to basically wander round comfortably with pockets and little risk of traumatising small children or those with small imaginations.