Last Saturday

In the morning it will be my last Saturday as a Duty Manager, and most likely my last Saturday working front-line, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

On a very superficial level it’ll be nice to have my weekends back, even if I’m on call from time to time, especially as we head into the summer. On the other hand it has been a feature of my life over the last nine years that has led to a range of memories.

I think it’s starting to feel more real, especially as I’ve been pulled more and more to do work for and in transition to the new role this week. The new job officially starts on the 1st, with the new rota from the 5th – so I’m not entirely sure how next week is going to pan out.

My last Saturday though. Feels odd to contemplate that after so long. No more being the manager of one library in a group, now a much wider set of responsibilities awaits. Fingers crossed, eh?

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