Wartorn – An Eberron Adventure

Gathering all the Wartorn Campaign Material in one place. Eberron was launched during the 3.5 rules following extensive discussion with fans about a brand new campaign world.

The basic tenet of the new world was that no matter how different it got, there should be a place somewhere for everything in it – and so the high-magic, semi-steampunk world of Eberron came to be. In this world, there was no extinction of the dinosaurs, so halfling nomads ride them across the Talenta Plains while elementals bound to ships and carriages drive airships and lightning rails across the continent.

War has raged across the continent for longer than most can remember, and new races have evolved in the turmoil of religious and political upheaval. Now, a fragile peace is enjoyed while people begin to assimilate all that has changed – but between the schemes of demons, dragons, elves and darker forces, there is much to threaten this new world that has so much bright promise.

Dark secrets are waiting for those who dig for them, but some of those secrets may not be simply waiting to be discovered.

Chapter One – A search for a long-lost artifact takes a disparate band of adventurers from the Towers of Sharn, into the depths below them, and from there through old battlefields and into mystery. A hidden and long-lost research facility hides clues to the devastation that swept across the mist-shrouded desolation of The Mournlands, but the adventurers are not the only people in search of this prize.

Chapter Two – The adventurers are hired to chase down a rogue agent who has stolen a powerful magical artifact. They are not the only people hunting him however, and now the race is on. The break-neck chase takes them by land, air and lightning rail across several nations, pursued by undead, agents of foreign nations and other less-identifiable factions, and ends with death in ancient goblin ruins.

Chapter Three – The artifact recovered in Chapter One has been stolen, now the adventurers travel to a far-off continent in pursuit of the Emerald Claw, who aim to recover the last pieces of a millenia-old puzzle in a bid for power. The chase is on beneath the waves and through thick jungle in a race to find an ancient giant observatory.

Chapter Four – To the public, the adventurers now have the shame of failure hanging over them, their mission to Xen’Drik unsuccessful. In truth they are guarding the fragments of the artifact they deliberately broke in order to save the world. Now they work as secret agents for the Breland Court, posing as pirates and investigating a mysterious cult.

Chapter Five – Hidden terrors, cultists, and threats from ancient otherworldly entities were uncovered on what should have been a routine investigation. The adventurers are sent to determine if this was an isolated incident – and come up against an infiltration of their world by forces seeking to corrupt the natural order.

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