So Far So Good

Well – that’s the Fiction Fragments all sorted, alphabetised and stuck into two sections (A-L and M-Z) for people to have a gander at. It has been an interesting exercise over the last couple of days to juggle them all around, and in some instances correct a few spelling mistakes and grammatical issues. Most of the fragments are very much first drafts, and it shows, but its also been interesting to me to see how my writing has changed, as well as how it hasn’t

There are some longer pieces in there that are very early drafts from longer form stories and the novel – and then there are a lot that are very simply brain blurts that just needed to be recorded somewhere.

The next step is going to be repeating the process for the short pieces that I’ve been writing this year. I’m going to give them a discrete section and separate them out by months – I think – just so that screen estate isn’t swallowed up in huge drop-down lists – but I’ll adjust as we go along.

All in all its been a nice use of what has turned into a quiet weekend of battery recharging for all of us.

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