Yes, it is the weekend

I’m not sad to see the back of this week – it does seem to have been unnecessarily arduous: one of those Murphy’s Law weeks where anything that could go wrong seemed determined to do so.

This even extended to a member of my staff on his last week who seemed determined to push as many buttons as possible. Because why not?

Still, it’s all past now. I had a good long conversation about it all at counselling and have been enjoying a quiet day of mostly collapsing on the sofa with Lady M. Games have been played, doodles have been drawn, films have been watched – and there’s even been some grocery shopping and things thrown in the recycling bin.

I’ve also been writing. I’m trying something different to try and reenergise the storytelling by shifting to third person away from first person. If nothing else it’s giving me a chance to revisit characters and flesh them out a bit.

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