Things Lady S Says: Mum Jokes

So we all know that Dad Jokes are a thing: they’re bad, usually quite laboured and pun based – often deemed to be far more funny by the teller than those who hear it. There’s no escaping them.

Lady S takes that ideal and runs with it to make Mum Jokes that make us groan and her cub shake his head in despair. For Lady S, a good indicator of how awful and therefore successful her Mum Joke has been is if she can elicit a muttered “For Fuck’s Sake” from me.

When that happens, her whole face lights up, as a grin widens and her eyes twinkle. She knows that either Unit Lady M will try and retaliate with something even worse.

There is always a logic to it. She has a methodology that her spectrum-brain has adopted where she starts with the punchline in her head and constructs it backwards before releasing it into the wild. Sometimes the torturous logic prompts us to challenge her and ask if the punchline came first – and there’s always a slightly goofy chuckle as confirmation.

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