Dreamy McDreamface

I’m going to recount two dreams, and ask you which person out of myself or Lady M had one, either, or both of them. This is partly to amuse and entertain you, and partly – well, we’ll see.

Dream One: I have come in to work as usual, and made my way to my desk only to find two colleagues next to it emptying the desk of my staff member and packing it’s contents into a cardboard box. I ask them what they are doing, and they say that the staff member has been fired because there is a policy that if someone fails a particular piece of training twice they are out the door. I am absolutely livid about this. How dare they do that without even involving me in the decision? Then I wake up, still cross.

Dream Two: I have come in to work to find a grand reorganization of the office space taking place. Desks are being rearranged, privacy screens shifted into a maze like configuration, and cables everywhere as IT and project managers try to keep everything going. I look round but my team is nowhere to be seen. Someone says they’ve all gone to the canteen until I tell them where to go. I look at the schedule and maps but can’t focus my eyes because I had a really late night and they feel like they’re burning trying to make sense of what’s there. I decide to close my eyes and nap for a minute, and then I wake up and my eyes still hurt.

So which is which? And what do you think it says about what our brains are trying to decode and process at the moment?

Have fun.

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